Editing Lady Gang in her Public Agent Video

I have the privilege of editing Lady Gang in plenty of Female Fake Taxi videos, so it was a genuine pleasure to get to edit a Public Agent video starring this beautiful dark haired pornstar.

This Public Agent video that I titled Black Lingerie Super Fuck shows just what an amazing body Lady Gang has.  Her body is one of the best looking that I get to edit in a regular basis.  I always look forward to seeing her performing when I edit her fucking in the back of her Female Fake Taxi.

As I said, it was a pleasure to receive a Public Agent video to edit that starred Lady Gang.  This scene is set on the streets of Prague in the evening hours.  The camera lighting was a little bright and her face was slightly over exposed, so I had to adjust the exposure settings when I carried out the colour correction and colour grading.

I decided to title this Public Agent video Black Lingerie Super Fuck because when I edited the sex sequence, I was very impressed with Lady Gang’s lingerie that she wears throughout this POV video.

I am available to edit porn videos right now.  Please contact me with any question you may have.

I’ve Edited Porn Videos Starring Georgie Lyall

During my time as a porn video editor, I find it hard to recall seeing a pornstar with a better pair of natural breasts than the stunning blonde Scottish pornstar Georgie Lyall.  I especially recall editing an outdoor sex Public Agent video featuring Miss Lyall in which she get her spectacular natural breasts out in public.  She gets her boobs out before having sex outside with a stranger.

Porn video editing Georgie Lyall

As the porn editor for this Georgie Lyall outdoor sex Public Agent video, I got to choose the title for the scene.  This one was quite simple to create a title for.  Georgie was lost on a street in Prague, Czech Rep., so naturally I called this scene Georgie Lyall Lost in Prague.

This scene was shot in POV throughout apart from a small sequence where the camera is placed on the ground for a profile shot watching her in the doggy style position.  So keeping the story line going and making sure the cuts looked seamless was the goal.  The 8 minute preview version that I also cut for PornHub currently has over ONE MILLION views.  This just goes to show just how popular Georgie Lyall is.

The thing about Georgie is not just those amazing boobs.  Her personality also shines through in the porn videos that I’ve edited featuring her.  Whether it was in this Public Agent video or in Fake Driving School videos that I also enjoyed editing, her Scottish accent and commitment to the scene makes editing a real pleasure.

Georgie Lyall Fake Driving School

It’s no wonder that the Georgie Lyall Twitter account has over 163,000 followers.  She is able to post just a glimpse of her cleavage and the retweets and likes go crazy.  I think even some of my own must popular tweets have featured Georgie in one way or the other.

Will I ever get to edit another Georgie Lyall porn video?  Who knows.  At present, I believe she is concentrating on creating her own content for her growing army of devoted fans across the world, and, quite frankly,  who can blame her?