When I Edited Pubic Agent The Droning Pervert

As a drone pilot myself, I was very excited to be editing Pubic Agent The Droning Pervert.  The hardest part of editing a porn video with drone footage is synchronising the drone footage to the main A-roll video.  I really enjoy this challenge.  With Premiere Pro it is relatively simple to synchronising multiple cameras together, but with drone footage it is a little more difficult because there is no audio.

The Droning Pervert

Public Agent saw Jenny Doll on a public footpath wearing this tight yellow dress, and he couldn’t take his eyes off her.  He followed her a bit with his drone DJI Phantom 4, but she saw, and flipped him the bird. He had to talk to her, so he walked up to find her.

She called him a pervert, but as they chatted, Public Agent found she was kind of naughty too. She didn’t work, only had sugar daddies.  He offered her a bunch of cash for a blowjob, and she was more than happy to partake.

They went to this secluded location he knew of, and she let him squeeze her pert boobs. She sucked his big hard cock, then threw her ass back against him as he fucked her standing doggystyle. Jenny rode his dick, then jerked him off until he spunked in her mouth!

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