Captions Bug on Premiere Pro 2022

When new versions of software are released it is often the case that there maybe a bug or two in the release.  This was the case when Adobe released Premiere Pro 2022.

I use the auto-transcribe function within Premiere Pro quite a lot, so I was at a loss when I went through my usual transcribing methods to be able to get the subtitles to appear on my time line whilst editing a Forgive Me Father video.

It was getting very frustrating and time consuming trying to figure out why the captions were not appearing on my timeline.  I turned to the Premiere Pro Editors Facebook page to see if anybody else had reported this problem. I could not see any body reference this issue.

However, when I visited the Adobe Premiere Pro forums, I discovered that this issue had been reported several times.  I eventually found a workaround that works.  To get the captions to appear on the timeline in Premiere Pro 2022, I needed to turn off the “Transcribe from In to Out Points” in the transcribe dialogue box.  It was a great relief to have finally found a solution to something that had cost me 2-3 hours work!

Adobe have also expressed that they have fixed this issue and will be releasing it in the next update of Premiere Pro 2022.  I can now get back to editing porn!