Premiere Pro is this Porn Video Editors Choice of Software

I started using Premiere Pro to edit porn videos probably in 2010, or maybe a little earlier.  It was the go to video editing software for home users at the time.  Movie Maker was not up to the job.

Porn Editing Timeline

After a 3-4 year relationship with Final Cut, I soon found myself using Adobe Premiere Pro once again.  Editing FakeTaxi using Premiere Pro is a dream.  The simple ability to synchronise 4 camera’s with ease and the gaussian blur effect used to blur the taxi drivers face is very easy to use.

Premiere Pro makes working with MP4’s relatively easy too.  But these days I am using Pro Res files after converting the MP4 files through Sony Catalyst Brows to get the exposure levels correct before I start editing them.

One of the other advantages of using Premiere Pro Creative Cloud is the ability to have updates of the editing software downloaded automatically.  I’m more than happy to pay the monthly fee or annual fee just to be sure that the software I am using is up to date at all times.

Premiere Pro LogoVery recently, Adobe have released a new version of Premiere Pro which now includes automatic transcriptions.  Having the ability to have the subtitles automatically generated saves a little bit of time for me.

Because a lot of the performers in the Fake Taxi or Public Agent videos are European, their English is not 100%.  This means that the automatically generate subtitles still need to be corrected manually.

I enjoy editing porn videos using Premiere Pro on a daily basis.  I also really appreciate the auto save feature too.  Before I start editing a new porn video I make sure that the auto save files are stored some where that I can easy access to in case of a power cut or other hardware failure.