Pocketstars/OnlyFans Video Editing

I not only edit porn videos for major porn sites, I’m also very happy to edit videos for models who sell their videos via Pocketstars or OnlyFans.  Having somebody edit your videos for you, frees up time to create more content for your fans.

So what can a video editor do with your OnlyFans/Pocketstars videos?

Handing over your content to a professional porn video editor gives you the confidence that your content is not going to end up being shared for free on various other platforms.  The trust between a video editor and their client is very important.  Handing over content to somebody that you may of never met before can be a little daunting at first.

Content delivered to me is all done via my Google Drive that currently has a 2TB storage capacity.  Once the content is uploaded, I download it onto my back drives before I start editing.  In the past I have been able to re-upload backed up content to clients who have had hard drive failures of their own and lost content.

Watermarking OnlyFans Content

One of the many services that I can provide is making sure that your content is watermarked.  So if your content is ever stolen and uploaded elsewhere by any other means, your account address will be clearly labelled on all your videos.  Having a watermark such as Onlyfans.com/yournamehere for example is just a simple way of making sure that whoever is viewing your stolen content knows where it has come from.

Short Video Trailers

Having a short and to-the-point trailer to promote your content on Twitter is a very popular and simple way of showcasing your new or upcoming video releases.  I have edited trailers that last anything from 20 seconds to over 2 minutes.  Again, if the trailer is properly watermarked it is easy to see who the trailer is promoting.  Twitter also has a great media feature that allows your Twitter viewers to click on the video to go directly to your OnlyFans/Pocketstars account.  This is something that is very under used by so many sex working video creators.

How Do We Start a Video Editing Partnership?

Initial content is always done by the client.  I’m not in the habit of cold calling potential clients.  I myself am bombarded on a daily basis by companies offering web designing services, or guys asking if I can get them porn editing work.

The simplest way of contacting me is via email.  I have a Gmail account leroy@xxxvideoeditor.com – In my experience Gmail has been the most reliable forms of email during my career.

Providing me with as much information as possible about what you require from me is always a good start.  The more information I have, the faster I can give you a quote for the work required.

What will be the cost of Video Editing?

This is always the most difficult aspect of my job.  Each client is different and has different requirements.  I have a set hourly fee for my work, so the price is very much time dependant.  For example, if you sent me 3 hours of content but you want it edited down to just a 30 minute video, it is still going to take me AT LEAST 3 hours to actually watch and decide how to edit it.

I am far happier to negotiate a cost depending on how long I believe the content will take to edit.  We might even be able to strike a deal if there was to become an ongoing editing agreement.  But the best place to start is always via that initial email.

Can PocketStars be the Solution for OnlyFans Models?

After the surprising news that OnlyFans will no longer be hosting any explicit pornography on their platform, there is a gap in the market to fill the void left by the money spinning giant.

PocketStars Logo

So many women and guys have been making money from OnlyFans over the last few years and after the announcement on Thursday 19th August, 2021, they had to find somewhere new to post their porn.

Up stepped PocketStars.  I followed the drama via Twitter and I was impressed by just how fast PocketStars took the baton and went hell for leather to get their platform upgraded to handle the incoming traffic that was going to be coming their way.  I watched as the PocketStars staff worked tirelessly to get their servers, support and social media firing on all cylinders to support the vast amount of models that had been shafted by OnlyFans.

I was more than happy to retweet PocketStars accounts as I watched them being created and promoted on Twitter.  I was also so impressed by seeing the PocketStars Twitter account responding to model requests and putting their promises into action.

PockeStars Twitter

PocketStars promote themselves as “A sex-worker friendly platform. For content creators, by content creators. An adult community promoting diversity and inclusivity across the industry!”  From what I have witnessed so far, I think that pocketStars is a very capable solution for any OnlyFans models looking to continue their journey as an online sex worker and continue to earn money the way they choose to.