Editing Lady Gang in her Public Agent Video

I have the privilege of editing Lady Gang in plenty of Female Fake Taxi videos, so it was a genuine pleasure to get to edit a Public Agent video starring this beautiful dark haired pornstar.

This Public Agent video that I titled Black Lingerie Super Fuck shows just what an amazing body Lady Gang has.  Her body is one of the best looking that I get to edit in a regular basis.  I always look forward to seeing her performing when I edit her fucking in the back of her Female Fake Taxi.

As I said, it was a pleasure to receive a Public Agent video to edit that starred Lady Gang.  This scene is set on the streets of Prague in the evening hours.  The camera lighting was a little bright and her face was slightly over exposed, so I had to adjust the exposure settings when I carried out the colour correction and colour grading.

I decided to title this Public Agent video Black Lingerie Super Fuck because when I edited the sex sequence, I was very impressed with Lady Gang’s lingerie that she wears throughout this POV video.

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