Face Blurring Porn Videos

Ever since my first day as a professional porn video editor I have been blurring faces in porn on a daily basis.  Being able to use Premiere Pro to hide the identity of an adult video performer, passer-by or brand logo has been an integral part of my job.

Fake Taxi Face Blurring

Sometimes blurring a face can be the most time consuming part of the editing process.  Depending on how often a face appears in the frame will depend on how long the edit will take.  The other major factor is how much the face moves.  If the face that I am blurring remains as still as possible, it can reduce the time it takes to blur dramatically, but if the face is moving around a lot, then I have to keyframe blur, which can be very time consuming indeed.

Most video editing software has the capability of face tracking that in theory should make face blurring very easy, but if the face moves out of the frame or something moves in front of the face, it can confuse the software and throw the blur out of position.  This means that it is more efficient to just face blur manually.

It’s not just faces that I need to blur when I edit porn videos.  I also have to blur brand logos.  A lot of porn performers like to wear branded underwear or branded sportswear.  This needs to be blurred as well as other labels found on things such as handbags, mobile phones and footwear.

I use Premiere Pro to blur faces and logos.  The gaussian blur is the tool of choice when blurring in Premiere Pro Creative Cloud.  I like to use a large amount of feather so that the edge of the blur is not visible and makes it look subtle.

The most popular porn that I need to blur faces and logos on are the Fake Taxi porn videos.  Fake Taxi is famous for having a driver that has his face blurred.  But due to the fact that he is driving around the streets of Europe, I also need to make sure that any car licence plates and car badges are also blurred as he drives past them.

My moto is ‘if in doubt, blur it out’.

Blurring the Fake Taxi Drivers Face

From the very beginning of editing the first batch of Fake Taxi videos back in 2012, I knew I would be blurring the Fake Taxi drivers face.  For the next nine years I have continued to be one of the porn video editors who blur that famous sometimes grey bearded face.

Blurring Fake Taxi Face
Fake Taxi driver face blurring in Premiere Pro Creative Cloud

Keeping the identity of the Fake Taxi driver was a great marketing gimmick.  But as a Fake Taxi editor, it could be a pain in the ass at times.  In the back of my mind there is always that fear of missing his face in a just a few frames and giving away his real name.

In the early days of editing Fake Taxi videos, I was using Final Cut Pro 7.  I had to install a plug-in called Andy’s Region Blur to create the face blur effect and also to give me the tools to adjust the blur settings.  But in 2016, I made the switch to Adobe Premiere Pro Creative Cloud which had the built-in Gaussian blur effect.  This has made blurring the face slightly easier without the need to install a separate plug in.

In the early days of the British Fake Taxi scenes I would need to edit together the scene using footage from five separate camera’s.  This made life a little easier because it would sometimes make sense to use an angle that did not show his face rather than spending time blurring it.

In today’s European based Fake Taxi videos, only three cameras are used during the build up to the sex, but only one camera is used during the sex.  Thankfully, I have been working with the cameraman for nearly ten years and  he does his best to keep the taxi drivers face out of the frame.

Do you need any porn videos blurred?  I’m happy to give you a quote to blur your porn videos if you require.  You might also need to blur logos, trademarks or number plates too.  For a quote, please email me or DM me on Twitter.