Editing the Angelique Lapiedra No Money Lingerie Model Video

No Money Lingerie Model
Angelique Lapiedra

As soon as I opened up the zip file containing the Angelique Lapiedra Fake Taxi content, I knew that this edit would be relatively straight forward.  With content from three separate cameras and an audio file, I was able to cut an interesting comedy sequence together.

The storyline was not very complex, and  Angelique Lapiedra was able to deliver the narrative to keep pushing the lingerie model storyline forward.  I think the she was definitely the correct type of model to play the role of a lingerie model.  She has fabulous angelic looks and a body that would not look out of place at a Victoria Secrets fashion show.

No Money Lingerie Model
Angelique Lapiedra

I was required to use a gaussian blur on the back windows to hide number plate, shop windows and bill boards.  Using Adobe Premiere Pro to edit this Fake Taxi video, I am able to create a manageable workflow to deliver this full edit easily within my deadline.

Once the main video had been edited together, I am then required to create a tube version (12 minutes) a trailer version (90 seconds max), along with interesting thumbnails for promotional purposes.

I am also tasked with creating a title for this Fake Taxi video.  This was an easy task to be honest.  Naming this video No Money Lingerie Model, was simply put together from the storyline.

This Fake taxi video was released on 15th January 2024.  If you are looking for a video editor to edit your adult videos, please feel free to contact me for more details.

I Edit Fake Taxi Videos

Without doubt, I will dine out on being a Fake Taxi porn video editor for many years.  When the Fake Taxi porn site went viral in 2013-14, I was delighted to be part of the team that got Fake Taxi to one of the most talked about porn sites in the world.

FakeTaxi Editing

Editing a Fake Taxi video involves many aspects of my video editing skills.  From having a keen eye for detail to deciding when to switch camera angles are just a few of the attributes that I put to use on a weekly basis when editing the Fake Taxi videos.

Of course, one of the main noticeable skills needed is to be able to famously blur the Fake Taxi driver face.  With millions of views, across tube sites and social media, one error will be highlighted all across the internet within hours of it going live on the FAKEhub Network.

A complete Fake Taxi edit consists of a full length video – this could be anything from 25-40 minutes.  I’m always disappointed if I am unable to get at least 30 minutes for a full video.  I also need to cut a 12 minute preview that will be uploaded to all the major tube sites such as PornHub, XVideos and XHamster, etc etc.  I am also responsible for designing the thumbnails for each tube upload.

Fake Taxi PornHub Examples

Some of the most memorable Fake Taxi edits that I’ve had the pleasure of editing include, Ebony Mystique, Kira Nior, Louise Lee, Georgie Lyall, to name drop just a few.

For me the most enjoyable aspect of editing Fake Taxi videos is creating the trailer.  Knowing that the trailer for a Fake Taxi video will be viewed hundreds of thousands of times gives me a tremendous buzz and job satisfaction.

Fake Taxi Trailers

Getting the trailer absolutely spot on is what really excites me.  I watch and re-watch my finished trailer edits over and over until I’m happy that there is no way of improving them, either by adding a different camera angle, trimming a few frames from a clip or making adjustments to the audio.

I’m very proud to have edited hundreds of Fake Taxi videos.  It will probably go down as my ‘claim to fame’ for the rest of my life.

Contact me for more details on how to hire me as your porn video editor. leroyvideoeditor@gmail.com | DM Me on Twitter.

I am currently available to take on new clients.  I am happy to work for porn production companies or solo models looking to improve their OnlyFans content or to free up more to time to create content.  Some of my OnlyFans clients include Elle Brooke, Rebecca More and Louise Lee.  I work from home using Premiere Pro or DaVince Resolve.  I have a super fast internet connection that allows me to download and upload content very quickly.

Editing my First Double Penetration Porn Video

I’m going back to January 5th, 2020 to recall the first double penetration video that I had the pleasure of editing.  It starred British pornstar Alice Judge.  She gets her ass and pussy fucked at the same time.

Editing Alice Judge

I could not resist giving this a title that is a pun on Alice in Wonderland.  Calling it Alice in DP Wonderland was an opportunity that I could not resist.

The busty British babe is picked up by the temporary Fake Taxi driver after arranging to meet a big black cock.  During the taxi ride, she sucks that BBC and nearly bits it off as the taxi goes over a big bump in the road.

It is very important to retain these funny clips even if the performers break character slightly.  The potential of a clip going viral is gold dust!

Alice Judge looks fabulous in this video.  Her body is in tip-top condition and her tits are incredible.  For my first double penetration edit, I could not wish for a better trio.  All three of these British porn performers were total pro’s.

This scene was shot using a total of 3 cameras.  The footage needed to be synchronised using Premiere Pro.  I enjoy multi-cam editing as I get to pick and choose which angles to use during the edit.

There was a lot of face blurring to do in this Fake Taxi threesome.  I needed to blur both male performers faces.  The gaussian blur effect in Premiere Pro makes the blurring process straight forward, but it is still a little time consuming.

At the time of writing this blog post, the tube version that I also edited has over 2.4 million views just on PornHub alone.

Check out a further 5 Fake Taxi porn videos starring Alice Judge available on the FakeHub web site.

Fake Taxi Snatch Hatch is such a Joy to Edit

When it comes to editing Fake Taxi porn videos, one of my favourite sequences to edit is the snatch hatch.  When the female porn performer puts her head through the perspex glass divider between the driver and the passenger side of the taxi, it makes for some classic porn footage.


This classic porn shot can be made even more interesting when the pornstar is able to hang her tits over the divider and make them bounce.  Admittedly this is only really an option when the female pornstar has a big pair of boobs.  But if she doesn’t then the next best thing is to pull some great orgasm faces or just go wild with it.

There have been some great facial expressions made through the snatch hatch over the years.  They also make great thumbnails that make for great click-though ratio’s on the tube sites too.  I believe that it is thumbnails like these that really make a video stand out from the crowded porn tube pages.

Here are just a few of my favourite snatch hatch stills that I have pulled from Fake taxi video over the last 7-8 years as a porn video editor.

Horny Deepthroating Italian Babe
Alyson Thor
French Escort Gives a Freebie
 Adriana Rys
Asia Vargas
Asia Vargas
Wild Nicol
Wild Nicol
Eden Ivy
Eden Ivy
Olivia Sparkle
Olivia Sparkle
Myss Alessandra
Myss Alessandra
Tina Princess
Tina Princess
Capri Lmonde
Capri Lmonde
Isabella De Laa
Isabella De Laa
Elisa Tiger
Elisa Tiger
Mina Moreno
Mina Moreno
Caty Kiss
Caty Kiss

Porn Video Editor Hall of Fame #2 Georgie Lyall

Number two on my porn video editor hall of fame (in no particular order) is the super sexy blonde with simply one of the greatest pairs of tits is Georgie Lyall.  It is always an immense pleasure to edit a porn video starring this stunning Scottish busty pornstar.  I have had the great fortune of editing five Georgie Lyall porn videos.

In the Public Agent video called Georgie Lyall Lost in Prague we get to see her having no problem in using her big boobs to pay for directions when she is lost on the streets of Prague.  Georgie is more than happy to use her prize assets to seduce a young Czech man into fucking her next to a lake in the middle of Czech Rep.

From Public Agent “I was walking when I came across Georgie Lyall wearing a pretty dress with flowers on it. Georgie was in Prague on holiday, and had taken a wrong turn and gotten lost. She was meant to be at the center, but she had ended up on the edge of the city.

She asked me if I had some change so she could take the bus, but I only had big bills, so I told her I would pay her 200 euro to show me her big Scottish tits. That was easy for a gal like Georgie, so for 600 more, I asked her if she would suck my dick! We walked into the woods and Georgie showed me her big tits and ass again and my dick got hard, then she gave me a sloppy blowjob.

I fucked Georgie doggystyle up against a street then on the ground, and when I was ready to cum she squeezed her big boobs together to catch all my cum!”

But I believe it’s her famous appearances in the Fake Taxi that I will remember editing the most.  Her Scottish accent, sparkling eye and those tits…oh…those tits, makes my job one of the best jobs in the world.  Whenever she unleashed those puppies on the backseat of the Fake Taxi, it’s a viral video clip in the making.

From Fake Taxi – Scottish Blonde Has No Choice But To Swallow Up Cabbie’s Cock“What a hot pick up this was and by pure luck a good reason to get her dress off. This girl had an amazing pair of tits and her body was mint. I wasted no time in getting what I wanted, and she was worth every mile of her free fare”.

I have also been lucky enough to edit George Lyall when she starred in Fake Driving School videos.  I think the best one was called Georgie Lyall Off Duty Sex

From Fake Driving School “I was to meet the new Fake Driving School examiner, and was surprised when Georgie Lyall got into the car. A former student of LFDS, things were little bit uncomfortable between us after our last “experience” together.

Apparently, I had partied a bit too hard and not been up to the “performance” she had wanted back her place. Moving on, we decided to do a dummy session in the car, a little role play to introduce Georgie to her new job. Back at the test center, things were a little awkward to say the least, so to ease the tension, Georgie suggested we maintain our working relationship with some sex!

She gave me a sloppy blowjob in the front seat, then continued to wank me as I sucked her big tits. Georgie bounced her ass up and down on my cock until she was red in the face, then I came all over her pussy.”

Thanks for the memories, Georgie!

Porn Video Editor Hall of Fame #1 Josephine Jackson

Josephine Jackson is the first entry into my porn video editors Hall of Fame.  With her outstanding big natural boobs, she is easily recognisable. I have had the pleasure of editing two Josephine Jackson porn videos for FAKEHUB. 

The first being Big boobs paid to fuck – in which she is approached by Public Agent.  Josephine gets her big European natural boobs out on the street before having sex for cash.

From Public Agent“I was walking with my friend Max when we saw Josephine Jackson, an all-natural brunette who looked stunning in her short white skirt. I went up to her and started talking, but she didn’t speak Czech, so I continued in English.

I told Josephine I was casting for a TV show, and I would pay her 100 euro to show me her boobs. Josephine did not believe there was a TV show, but she did like money, so she accepted the offer anyway.

For more money, she showed us her big ass, and then I asked her to suck both our dicks! Josephine didn’t like me so much, but agreed to suck and fuck my friend Max until she wanked him off for a facial!”

A lot of people might have had their first glimpse of Miss Jackson in a FAKE TAXI video that I also edited.  The scene was called Huge Natural Boobs Bounce in Taxi.  I think that this video is very rememberable for the world class tit wank and tit reveal that she performs.

From Fake Taxi – “I saw Josephine Jackson’s big, natural boobs bouncing from a kilometer away! I pulled over and asked her if she might want a ride, and she hopped in the cab. Josephine had the day off, so she was going for a walk to the center. I told her in the taxi I had a rule, if she showed me her tits, she could have 50% off.

Josephine told me her tits were worth way more than 50%, and bless her heart, she was right. She pulled ’em out and let me have a handful. I was feeling cheeky so I asked for a blowjob, and she said she’d suck my dick if I had a big one.

We pulled over, I showed her, and she said it was more than enough before taking it in her mouth! I fucked Josephine doggystyle and cowgirl, and the slut even ate my arse! A titwank and a rimjob, then I came on her boobs: who could ask for more?”

Being a big tit fan myself, it’s little wonder why she makes my Hall of Fame.  One of the top reasons why anybody make the porn video editors Hall of Fame is because editing their scenes are a memorable experience.  Josephine Jackson’s edits are easily that!

Editing Ebony Mystique in her Fake Taxi Video

I was so happy to find out that I would be editing the Ebony Mystique Fake Taxi porn video.  I have seen her many times featured on the Brazzers Porn Network since 2020.  So having the chance to edit a busty pornstar who has appeared in 13 Brazzers hardcore porn videos was a true delight.

Ebony Mystique in a Fake Taxi Video

There is no mistaking the fact that Ebony Mystique has a huge pair of black tits.  They are massive.  I knew immediately that I had to make sure I found the right angle to use when she finally unleashed those bad boys in the back of the fake taxi.  Luckily, there are three cameras set up in the taxi.  I was able to use the shoot from the Sony to show the audience those big black boobs in all their glory.

But Miss Mystique is not just a big pair of boobs, no Sir, no.  she is full of sexual energy that explodes onto the screen.  The Italian Fake Taxi driver had his work cut out keeping up with her sexual stamina.  I’m happy to say that he did an outstanding job to keep on fucking her at the pace Ebony was demanding.

I’m sure this Ebony Mystique Fake Taxi video will be very popular.  There is no doubt that it will get plenty of views.  Knowing this, there was an extra sense of pressure on my to get this porn edit right.  Ebony fans would be very critical if this scene was not edited correctly.  So far, I have only heard good things about this scene, so I am fairly relieved that it has been receive very well.

Editing the Blondie Fesser Fake Taxi Video

You have no idea how happy I was to be given the Blondie Fesser Fake taxi porn video to edit.  Watching those big boobs and big ass made this edit one of the most enjoyable edits of my 10 year porn editing career.

Blondie Fesser ina Fake Taxi Video

Blonde Fesser is a hot blonde pornstar from Argentina.  She knows just how to use her big bouncy assets to the full.  I knew that this The Argentinian Big Milkers Fake Taxi video would be a huge hit for FAKEhub.

In my opinion, my priority was to make sure that I captured Miss Fesser’s perfect pornstar body using the best camera singles that I had available.  In the back of my head I knew that Blondie Fesser fans would hunt me down if I failed to get that spectacular ass in frame at the most important moments.

With that in mind I made sure that I got any big ass or boobs reveal shot using the best footage I have at my disposal.  With three cameras in the Fake Taxi, that was not a problem.

I’m really looking forward to seeing how this Blondie Fesser Fake Taxi video goes down.  I’m sure the FAKEhub social media department will have great fun making plenty of content from this outstanding video.

Blurring the Fake Taxi Drivers Face

From the very beginning of editing the first batch of Fake Taxi videos back in 2012, I knew I would be blurring the Fake Taxi drivers face.  For the next nine years I have continued to be one of the porn video editors who blur that famous sometimes grey bearded face.

Blurring Fake Taxi Face
Fake Taxi driver face blurring in Premiere Pro Creative Cloud

Keeping the identity of the Fake Taxi driver was a great marketing gimmick.  But as a Fake Taxi editor, it could be a pain in the ass at times.  In the back of my mind there is always that fear of missing his face in a just a few frames and giving away his real name.

In the early days of editing Fake Taxi videos, I was using Final Cut Pro 7.  I had to install a plug-in called Andy’s Region Blur to create the face blur effect and also to give me the tools to adjust the blur settings.  But in 2016, I made the switch to Adobe Premiere Pro Creative Cloud which had the built-in Gaussian blur effect.  This has made blurring the face slightly easier without the need to install a separate plug in.

In the early days of the British Fake Taxi scenes I would need to edit together the scene using footage from five separate camera’s.  This made life a little easier because it would sometimes make sense to use an angle that did not show his face rather than spending time blurring it.

In today’s European based Fake Taxi videos, only three cameras are used during the build up to the sex, but only one camera is used during the sex.  Thankfully, I have been working with the cameraman for nearly ten years and  he does his best to keep the taxi drivers face out of the frame.

Do you need any porn videos blurred?  I’m happy to give you a quote to blur your porn videos if you require.  You might also need to blur logos, trademarks or number plates too.  For a quote, please email me or DM me on Twitter.