The Pleasure of Editing a Porn Video Starring Tru Kait

Ever since her debut on Brazzers, I have been a fan of Tru Kait.  On May 12th 2020, Miss Kait made her first appearance in a Brazzers Network video and I was immediately impressed with her on screen presence, fantastic body and her stunningly pretty face.

Editing a Tru Kait Porn Video

Fast forward to May 2022 and I get a call from the production director of FAKEHub to ask me to stop whatever I am doing and jump on a new Public Agent video starring the above mentioned Tru Kait.  I had to confirm that he meant THE Tru Kait.  Was there another adult performer going by the same name?

I was reassured that it was indeed the stunning American brunette pornstar who had traveled to Prague to shoot porn in Europe.  I immediately logged into the content management system and downloaded the footage.

Being able to edit a porn video starring Tru Kait was a true pleasure.  Working for FAKEhub and editing Fake Taxi, Public Agent, Female Fake Taxi videos, I am usually treated to editing scene featuring up and coming new European adult performers.  So to edit a video starring a well-known and popular pornstar was a little different from my normal day to day porn editing.

Bang Me, Bang Me Harder, is now live on the FAKEhub web site.  You cannot miss the trailer, it’s got a large thumbnail of Tru Kait’s big ass with BANG ME written on it.  There is a really great sequence that I will not forget editing where Tru Kait rides a big cock in the reverse cowgirl position and making her ass bounce up and down like a basketball.

Thank you FAKEhub for giving me this opportunity to edit one of my favourite American brunette pornstars.  It is definitely very near the top of my all time favourite edits.