When I Edited Sofia Lee in an Interracial Porn Video

Sofia Lee is one of my favourite pornstars that I get to edit on a fairly regular basis.  This busty brunette from Czech Rep. has been one of the main drivers for the Female Fake Taxi brand.  I might get to edit one of her porn videos twice a month.  That’s great news for me, because she makes editing Female Fake Taxi a little easier for me.

Sofia Lee starring in The Sperm Bank Warm Up
Sofia Lee starring in The Sperm Bank Warm Up

I say a little easier, because she can project her voice much better than other Female Fake Taxi drivers.  This is not a criticism of other Female Fake Taxi drivers from the past, it just means that Sofia Lee has a naturally louder voice than some other ladies who have taken the wheel.

In Sofia Lee’s latest Female Fake Taxi video, she is joined by Eddy Blackone, for a scene that is based around Eddy needing to get to a sperm bank.  He explains that he is a little nervous.  Sofia Lee puts his mind at ease by telling him that he just needs to relax and he will be able to produce the goods.  Obviously, with this being a porn video, the scene soon moves on to Sofia offering up her big natural Czech boobs for Eddy to warm up with.

One of the main obstacles when editing a Female Fake Taxi video is making sure that there are no visible trademarks, number plates, public faces or street signs visible as they drive through the streets of Prague.  To do this I place a gaussian blur in each window.  There is no need to use a heavy blur as most objects that need blurring will be naturally blurred by the speed of the taxi going passed.