Editing Porn Videos Featuring Carmel Anderson

Since 2012 I have been fortunate enough to edit porn videos featuring some of the worlds most popular pornstars.  Whenever I get asked who is the pornstar that I have enjoyed editing the most, I always say Carmel Anderson.

For those who are unfamiliar with this petite British pornstar, I have written this blog post and included just a few of the Carmel Anderson porn videos that I have had the good fortune to edit.

I once nearly had the pleasure of meeting Carmel at a UKAP awards night a few years ago, but just as I plucked up the courage to say hello, I had a camera shoved in my hand and someone begged me to take a photograph of them with Carmel.  After that, the moment had gone and I missed out on my opportunity.

Anyway…I digress…here are a handful of Carmel Anderson porn videos that I have edited for the FAKEhub porn network.

Carmel Anderson Fucked by a British Police Officer in her Car

I believe that this was the first Carmel Anderson porn video that I ever got to edit.  You can imagine how excited I was. To get given the opportunity to edit this FakeCop video.

Carmel Anderson in in a FakeCop video

Miss Anderson is just wearing her very skimpy gym gear and looks really fit indeed.  When she gets pulled over by the British police officer in full uniform, she has to get frisked to prove she has nothing illegal hidden on her person!  There was certainly not any room to conceal anything in those tight gym shorts and top.

As you can see from the screenshot above, one of my tasks was to make sure that the policeman’s face was blurred at all times during this scene and all other FakeCop scene that I edited.

Carmel Anderson Outdoor Sex Video in Spain

After the success of her first FakeCop porn video, I was delighted to find that she was cast in another FakeCop video, but this time it was filmed outdoors in the bright Spanish sunshine.

Carmale Anderson sucking Cock in Spain

Once again I was given that task to edit a fantastic Carmel Anderson porn video.  Seeing her tiny sexy body once again was one of the highlights of my porn video editing year.  When I tell people that she is one of my favourite pornstars to edit, they seem a little surprised.  That is due to the fact that I am a big tits and big ass fan, so having her so high up my list of favourite pornstars is a little surprising.

I can only thin that it is her infectious porn personality that I am drawn towards.  In this FakeCop outdoor sex scene, she even take the tie to send me a little personal message when the male pornstar tells her that I am a huge fan of hers…thanks Carmel!

For porn editing enquiries, please email leroyvideoeditor@gmail.com

Editing Porn Videos is my Full-Time Job

Some people say I have the best job in the world…they may be right!  Sitting in my home-office, using a 24 inch iMac and editing beautiful women having sex is pure joy.  I certainly have a job that many people all over the world would love to have.

I edit porn 5 days a week, sometimes 6 if I have extra clients.  I’m always on the look out for new clients.  I’m more than happy to work extra hours to edit porn…who wouldn’t.

I’m fully aware that I am very fortunate to have a job that I am passionate about.  Being able to edit porn as a full-time job is by far the best job I have ever had.  I have been doing this since August 2012, full-time, but I had been learning my craft for a few years before that too.

Sarah PeachezI remember the very first porn video I edited was for a Canadian solo girl called Sarah Peachez (Realpeachez.com).  She was happy for me to edit 3 of her unreleased videos for free in the hope that she would use me as her editor after that.

Although she was not able to offer me full-time work, she sent me more videos to edit and paid me once she knew I could do the job for her.

Getting the call to edit some FakeAgent videos was the biggest break of my porn editing career.  It still amazes me that one of the biggest porn producers in the world were working in an office just a few miles from my own house.

Once I had impressed enough with my work, I was given a full time porn editing role.  I am a senior video editor for the PublicAgent brand and have gone on to edit Fake Taxi, Fake Driving School, Female Fake Taxi, and other brand under the FAKEhub umbrella.