Honoured to Edit Porn Video Starring Sofia Lee

I think I might have said before that I am a tits and ass fan.  So having the opportunity to edit Sofia Lee video is a real pleasure.  Being able to see her big natural Czech boobs and big chunky ass is one of the highlights of my porn editing career.

Sofia Lee

The majority of Sofia Lee videos that I have edited so far, are her great appearances in Female Fake Taxi.  To date, I have had the pleasure of editing 10 Sofia Lee Female Fake Taxi videos.

It’s not only her big tits and ass that make editing Sofia Lee video a joy, but she is also a great professional porn actress.  She knows exactly how to use the camera to the best effect and takes direction very well.

Sofia also is great at projecting her voice which makes creating subtitles much easier than with someone that mumble and does not raise their voice loud enough for me to hear.

Sofia Lee

But ultimately, it is her big natural bouncing boobs that she is famous for.  So how can I not notice them when they are bouncing about all over my Premiere Pro editing suite.

I’m hoping that she returns very soon to the Female Fake Taxi set and puts on more of her fantastic porn performances.  In the mean time I have Jarushka Ross Female Fake Taxi video to edit.  So it’s another pair of huge boobs to edit.

Captions Bug on Premiere Pro 2022

When new versions of software are released it is often the case that there maybe a bug or two in the release.  This was the case when Adobe released Premiere Pro 2022.

I use the auto-transcribe function within Premiere Pro quite a lot, so I was at a loss when I went through my usual transcribing methods to be able to get the subtitles to appear on my time line whilst editing a Forgive Me Father video.

It was getting very frustrating and time consuming trying to figure out why the captions were not appearing on my timeline.  I turned to the Premiere Pro Editors Facebook page to see if anybody else had reported this problem. I could not see any body reference this issue.

However, when I visited the Adobe Premiere Pro forums, I discovered that this issue had been reported several times.  I eventually found a workaround that works.  To get the captions to appear on the timeline in Premiere Pro 2022, I needed to turn off the “Transcribe from In to Out Points” in the transcribe dialogue box.  It was a great relief to have finally found a solution to something that had cost me 2-3 hours work!

Adobe have also expressed that they have fixed this issue and will be releasing it in the next update of Premiere Pro 2022.  I can now get back to editing porn!

When I Edited Sofia Lee in an Interracial Porn Video

Sofia Lee is one of my favourite pornstars that I get to edit on a fairly regular basis.  This busty brunette from Czech Rep. has been one of the main drivers for the Female Fake Taxi brand.  I might get to edit one of her porn videos twice a month.  That’s great news for me, because she makes editing Female Fake Taxi a little easier for me.

Sofia Lee starring in The Sperm Bank Warm Up
Sofia Lee starring in The Sperm Bank Warm Up

I say a little easier, because she can project her voice much better than other Female Fake Taxi drivers.  This is not a criticism of other Female Fake Taxi drivers from the past, it just means that Sofia Lee has a naturally louder voice than some other ladies who have taken the wheel.

In Sofia Lee’s latest Female Fake Taxi video, she is joined by Eddy Blackone, for a scene that is based around Eddy needing to get to a sperm bank.  He explains that he is a little nervous.  Sofia Lee puts his mind at ease by telling him that he just needs to relax and he will be able to produce the goods.  Obviously, with this being a porn video, the scene soon moves on to Sofia offering up her big natural Czech boobs for Eddy to warm up with.

One of the main obstacles when editing a Female Fake Taxi video is making sure that there are no visible trademarks, number plates, public faces or street signs visible as they drive through the streets of Prague.  To do this I place a gaussian blur in each window.  There is no need to use a heavy blur as most objects that need blurring will be naturally blurred by the speed of the taxi going passed.

My Current Porn Video Editing Availability

As of October 2021 my availability to edit more porn videos will increase.  I have modified my working structure to enable myself to accommodate more adult editing clients.

Porn Editing Timeline

If you are looking for a porn video editor with 10 years of experience, then please feel free to contact me either via email or DM via my XXX Video Editor Twitter account.

I will be continuing to work for Fake Taxi, Female Fake Taxi, Pubic Agent, Love Her ass and Forgive Me father, but I will have time to work on any new porn editing projects.

If you would like more information regarding the clients I have edited for or who I am currently editing for, please visit my porn video editor information page for more details.

Pocketstars/OnlyFans Video Editing

I not only edit porn videos for major porn sites, I’m also very happy to edit videos for models who sell their videos via Pocketstars or OnlyFans.  Having somebody edit your videos for you, frees up time to create more content for your fans.

So what can a video editor do with your OnlyFans/Pocketstars videos?

Handing over your content to a professional porn video editor gives you the confidence that your content is not going to end up being shared for free on various other platforms.  The trust between a video editor and their client is very important.  Handing over content to somebody that you may of never met before can be a little daunting at first.

Content delivered to me is all done via my Google Drive that currently has a 2TB storage capacity.  Once the content is uploaded, I download it onto my back drives before I start editing.  In the past I have been able to re-upload backed up content to clients who have had hard drive failures of their own and lost content.

Watermarking OnlyFans Content

One of the many services that I can provide is making sure that your content is watermarked.  So if your content is ever stolen and uploaded elsewhere by any other means, your account address will be clearly labelled on all your videos.  Having a watermark such as Onlyfans.com/yournamehere for example is just a simple way of making sure that whoever is viewing your stolen content knows where it has come from.

Short Video Trailers

Having a short and to-the-point trailer to promote your content on Twitter is a very popular and simple way of showcasing your new or upcoming video releases.  I have edited trailers that last anything from 20 seconds to over 2 minutes.  Again, if the trailer is properly watermarked it is easy to see who the trailer is promoting.  Twitter also has a great media feature that allows your Twitter viewers to click on the video to go directly to your OnlyFans/Pocketstars account.  This is something that is very under used by so many sex working video creators.

How Do We Start a Video Editing Partnership?

Initial content is always done by the client.  I’m not in the habit of cold calling potential clients.  I myself am bombarded on a daily basis by companies offering web designing services, or guys asking if I can get them porn editing work.

The simplest way of contacting me is via email.  I have a Gmail account leroyvideoeditor@gmail.com – In my experience Gmail has been the most reliable forms of email during my career.

Providing me with as much information as possible about what you require from me is always a good start.  The more information I have, the faster I can give you a quote for the work required.

What will be the cost of Video Editing?

This is always the most difficult aspect of my job.  Each client is different and has different requirements.  I have a set hourly fee for my work, so the price is very much time dependant.  For example, if you sent me 3 hours of content but you want it edited down to just a 30 minute video, it is still going to take me AT LEAST 3 hours to actually watch and decide how to edit it.

I am far happier to negotiate a cost depending on how long I believe the content will take to edit.  We might even be able to strike a deal if there was to become an ongoing editing agreement.  But the best place to start is always via that initial email.

Editing Lady Gang in her Public Agent Video

I have the privilege of editing Lady Gang in plenty of Female Fake Taxi videos, so it was a genuine pleasure to get to edit a Public Agent video starring this beautiful dark haired pornstar.

This Public Agent video that I titled Black Lingerie Super Fuck shows just what an amazing body Lady Gang has.  Her body is one of the best looking that I get to edit in a regular basis.  I always look forward to seeing her performing when I edit her fucking in the back of her Female Fake Taxi.

As I said, it was a pleasure to receive a Public Agent video to edit that starred Lady Gang.  This scene is set on the streets of Prague in the evening hours.  The camera lighting was a little bright and her face was slightly over exposed, so I had to adjust the exposure settings when I carried out the colour correction and colour grading.

I decided to title this Public Agent video Black Lingerie Super Fuck because when I edited the sex sequence, I was very impressed with Lady Gang’s lingerie that she wears throughout this POV video.

I am available to edit porn videos right now.  Please contact me with any question you may have.

Blurring the Fake Taxi Drivers Face

From the very beginning of editing the first batch of Fake Taxi videos back in 2012, I knew I would be blurring the Fake Taxi drivers face.  For the next nine years I have continued to be one of the porn video editors who blur that famous sometimes grey bearded face.

Blurring Fake Taxi Face
Fake Taxi driver face blurring in Premiere Pro Creative Cloud

Keeping the identity of the Fake Taxi driver was a great marketing gimmick.  But as a Fake Taxi editor, it could be a pain in the ass at times.  In the back of my mind there is always that fear of missing his face in a just a few frames and giving away his real name.

In the early days of editing Fake Taxi videos, I was using Final Cut Pro 7.  I had to install a plug-in called Andy’s Region Blur to create the face blur effect and also to give me the tools to adjust the blur settings.  But in 2016, I made the switch to Adobe Premiere Pro Creative Cloud which had the built-in Gaussian blur effect.  This has made blurring the face slightly easier without the need to install a separate plug in.

In the early days of the British Fake Taxi scenes I would need to edit together the scene using footage from five separate camera’s.  This made life a little easier because it would sometimes make sense to use an angle that did not show his face rather than spending time blurring it.

In today’s European based Fake Taxi videos, only three cameras are used during the build up to the sex, but only one camera is used during the sex.  Thankfully, I have been working with the cameraman for nearly ten years and  he does his best to keep the taxi drivers face out of the frame.

Do you need any porn videos blurred?  I’m happy to give you a quote to blur your porn videos if you require.  You might also need to blur logos, trademarks or number plates too.  For a quote, please email me or DM me on Twitter.

I’ve Edited Porn Videos Starring Georgie Lyall

During my time as a porn video editor, I find it hard to recall seeing a pornstar with a better pair of natural breasts than the stunning blonde Scottish pornstar Georgie Lyall.  I especially recall editing an outdoor sex Public Agent video featuring Miss Lyall in which she get her spectacular natural breasts out in public.  She gets her boobs out before having sex outside with a stranger.

Porn video editing Georgie Lyall

As the porn editor for this Georgie Lyall outdoor sex Public Agent video, I got to choose the title for the scene.  This one was quite simple to create a title for.  Georgie was lost on a street in Prague, Czech Rep., so naturally I called this scene Georgie Lyall Lost in Prague.

This scene was shot in POV throughout apart from a small sequence where the camera is placed on the ground for a profile shot watching her in the doggy style position.  So keeping the story line going and making sure the cuts looked seamless was the goal.  The 8 minute preview version that I also cut for PornHub currently has over ONE MILLION views.  This just goes to show just how popular Georgie Lyall is.

The thing about Georgie is not just those amazing boobs.  Her personality also shines through in the porn videos that I’ve edited featuring her.  Whether it was in this Public Agent video or in Fake Driving School videos that I also enjoyed editing, her Scottish accent and commitment to the scene makes editing a real pleasure.

Georgie Lyall Fake Driving School

It’s no wonder that the Georgie Lyall Twitter account has over 163,000 followers.  She is able to post just a glimpse of her cleavage and the retweets and likes go crazy.  I think even some of my own must popular tweets have featured Georgie in one way or the other.

Will I ever get to edit another Georgie Lyall porn video?  Who knows.  At present, I believe she is concentrating on creating her own content for her growing army of devoted fans across the world, and, quite frankly,  who can blame her?

Can PocketStars be the Solution for OnlyFans Models?

After the surprising news that OnlyFans will no longer be hosting any explicit pornography on their platform, there is a gap in the market to fill the void left by the money spinning giant.

PocketStars Logo

So many women and guys have been making money from OnlyFans over the last few years and after the announcement on Thursday 19th August, 2021, they had to find somewhere new to post their porn.

Up stepped PocketStars.  I followed the drama via Twitter and I was impressed by just how fast PocketStars took the baton and went hell for leather to get their platform upgraded to handle the incoming traffic that was going to be coming their way.  I watched as the PocketStars staff worked tirelessly to get their servers, support and social media firing on all cylinders to support the vast amount of models that had been shafted by OnlyFans.

I was more than happy to retweet PocketStars accounts as I watched them being created and promoted on Twitter.  I was also so impressed by seeing the PocketStars Twitter account responding to model requests and putting their promises into action.

PockeStars Twitter

PocketStars promote themselves as “A sex-worker friendly platform. For content creators, by content creators. An adult community promoting diversity and inclusivity across the industry!”  From what I have witnessed so far, I think that pocketStars is a very capable solution for any OnlyFans models looking to continue their journey as an online sex worker and continue to earn money the way they choose to.

Premiere Pro is this Porn Video Editors Choice of Software

I started using Premiere Pro to edit porn videos probably in 2010, or maybe a little earlier.  It was the go to video editing software for home users at the time.  Movie Maker was not up to the job.

Porn Editing Timeline

After a 3-4 year relationship with Final Cut, I soon found myself using Adobe Premiere Pro once again.  Editing FakeTaxi using Premiere Pro is a dream.  The simple ability to synchronise 4 camera’s with ease and the gaussian blur effect used to blur the taxi drivers face is very easy to use.

Premiere Pro makes working with MP4’s relatively easy too.  But these days I am using Pro Res files after converting the MP4 files through Sony Catalyst Brows to get the exposure levels correct before I start editing them.

One of the other advantages of using Premiere Pro Creative Cloud is the ability to have updates of the editing software downloaded automatically.  I’m more than happy to pay the monthly fee or annual fee just to be sure that the software I am using is up to date at all times.

Premiere Pro LogoVery recently, Adobe have released a new version of Premiere Pro which now includes automatic transcriptions.  Having the ability to have the subtitles automatically generated saves a little bit of time for me.

Because a lot of the performers in the Fake Taxi or Public Agent videos are European, their English is not 100%.  This means that the automatically generate subtitles still need to be corrected manually.

I enjoy editing porn videos using Premiere Pro on a daily basis.  I also really appreciate the auto save feature too.  Before I start editing a new porn video I make sure that the auto save files are stored some where that I can easy access to in case of a power cut or other hardware failure.