My Current Porn Video Editing Availability

As of October 2021 my availability to edit more porn videos will increase.  I have modified my working structure to enable myself to accommodate more adult editing clients.

Porn Editing Timeline

If you are looking for a porn video editor with 10 years of experience, then please feel free to contact me either via email or DM via my XXX Video Editor Twitter account.

I will be continuing to work for Fake Taxi, Female Fake Taxi, Pubic Agent, Love Her ass and Forgive Me father, but I will have time to work on any new porn editing projects.

If you would like more information regarding the clients I have edited for or who I am currently editing for, please visit my porn video editor information page for more details.

Editing the Angelique Lapiedra No Money Lingerie Model Video

No Money Lingerie Model
Angelique Lapiedra

As soon as I opened up the zip file containing the Angelique Lapiedra Fake Taxi content, I knew that this edit would be relatively straight forward.  With content from three separate cameras and an audio file, I was able to cut an interesting comedy sequence together.

The storyline was not very complex, and  Angelique Lapiedra was able to deliver the narrative to keep pushing the lingerie model storyline forward.  I think the she was definitely the correct type of model to play the role of a lingerie model.  She has fabulous angelic looks and a body that would not look out of place at a Victoria Secrets fashion show.

No Money Lingerie Model
Angelique Lapiedra

I was required to use a gaussian blur on the back windows to hide number plate, shop windows and bill boards.  Using Adobe Premiere Pro to edit this Fake Taxi video, I am able to create a manageable workflow to deliver this full edit easily within my deadline.

Once the main video had been edited together, I am then required to create a tube version (12 minutes) a trailer version (90 seconds max), along with interesting thumbnails for promotional purposes.

I am also tasked with creating a title for this Fake Taxi video.  This was an easy task to be honest.  Naming this video No Money Lingerie Model, was simply put together from the storyline.

This Fake taxi video was released on 15th January 2024.  If you are looking for a video editor to edit your adult videos, please feel free to contact me for more details.

New Porn Editing Availability

I am delight to announce that I have new porn video editing availability for October, November and December 2023.  I have been able to free some time to my schedule to allow me to take on new clients during this time and hopefully into 2024 too.

Porn Video Editor

Whether you are an OnlyFans model or a porn production studio, I am able to edit your videos using either Premiere Pro Creative Cloud or Davinci Resolve.  I am also very experienced in Photoshop.

2023 has been a very busy time as a porn video editor, but with a little bit of a re-scheduling and some time spent looking into efficiency, I have managed to create more time at my desk.

If you are looking for a adult video editor then please feel free to send me an email or DM me on Twitter.  I do my best to respond within 24 hours or sooner.

Email : or DM me @XXXVideoEditor

Editing OnlyFans Videos

If you are looking for an experienced adult video editor to edit your OnlyFans content with discretion, professionalism, and efficiency, then please get in touch with me.  You can get in touch with me via email or Twitter.

Editing OnlyFans Videos

I have plenty of experience editing OnlyFans videos.  I have edited OnlyFans videos for a number of popular models such as Elle Brooke, Tanya Virgo, Louise Lee and most recently, Rebecca More.

I am able to edit multi-cam video shoots which can be complicated to edit for somebody who is not used to editing themselves.  Using my very fast internet speeds, I am able to download your content from platforms such as WeTransfer, Google Drive and others.

I can edit your content quickly.  The edit will include the full video edit, plus a trailer to post on your Twitter accounts.  I’ll also create thumbnail for your OnlyFans page and Twitter promotion.

Using a professional video editor will enable you to concentrate of creating more and more content without the worry about finding time to edit it all.

I Edit Fake Taxi Videos

Without doubt, I will dine out on being a Fake Taxi porn video editor for many years.  When the Fake Taxi porn site went viral in 2013-14, I was delighted to be part of the team that got Fake Taxi to one of the most talked about porn sites in the world.

FakeTaxi Editing

Editing a Fake Taxi video involves many aspects of my video editing skills.  From having a keen eye for detail to deciding when to switch camera angles are just a few of the attributes that I put to use on a weekly basis when editing the Fake Taxi videos.

Of course, one of the main noticeable skills needed is to be able to famously blur the Fake Taxi driver face.  With millions of views, across tube sites and social media, one error will be highlighted all across the internet within hours of it going live on the FAKEhub Network.

A complete Fake Taxi edit consists of a full length video – this could be anything from 25-40 minutes.  I’m always disappointed if I am unable to get at least 30 minutes for a full video.  I also need to cut a 12 minute preview that will be uploaded to all the major tube sites such as PornHub, XVideos and XHamster, etc etc.  I am also responsible for designing the thumbnails for each tube upload.

Fake Taxi PornHub Examples

Some of the most memorable Fake Taxi edits that I’ve had the pleasure of editing include, Ebony Mystique, Kira Nior, Louise Lee, Georgie Lyall, to name drop just a few.

For me the most enjoyable aspect of editing Fake Taxi videos is creating the trailer.  Knowing that the trailer for a Fake Taxi video will be viewed hundreds of thousands of times gives me a tremendous buzz and job satisfaction.

Fake Taxi Trailers

Getting the trailer absolutely spot on is what really excites me.  I watch and re-watch my finished trailer edits over and over until I’m happy that there is no way of improving them, either by adding a different camera angle, trimming a few frames from a clip or making adjustments to the audio.

I’m very proud to have edited hundreds of Fake Taxi videos.  It will probably go down as my ‘claim to fame’ for the rest of my life.

Contact me for more details on how to hire me as your porn video editor. | DM Me on Twitter.

I am currently available to take on new clients.  I am happy to work for porn production companies or solo models looking to improve their OnlyFans content or to free up more to time to create content.  Some of my OnlyFans clients include Elle Brooke, Rebecca More and Louise Lee.  I work from home using Premiere Pro or DaVince Resolve.  I have a super fast internet connection that allows me to download and upload content very quickly.

Editing a Louise Lee Video for her Personal Video Channels

I can’t tell you how long I have followed the fabulous big titted blonde Louise Lee on Twitter.  She maybe one of the very first British pornstars that I followed.  I absolutely enjoy seeing her tweets.  I think I’ve probably hit the ‘like’ button on most of her personal photos.

Louise Lee Anal Sex Editing

So, it was a genuine pleasure to get a personal request from Louise Lee herself, asking me to edit an anal sex scene that she shot with a famous British male pornstar.

Of course, I was absolutely delighted to agree straight away to edit her porn video.  I actually edited her very first anal sex porn video that she shot for Fake Taxi back in April 2019.  Louise Lee Anal Training is available to watch on FakeHub.

Editing this personal Louise Lee video was a blast.  Shot using multiple cameras, I was able to piece together the scene and create an easy flowing anal sex video for her.

If you are a fan of rimjobs, then this Louise Lee anal sex video will be right up your alley.  Louise gets her tongue deep inside his chocolate starfish.  She pulls his ass cheeks apart and gets as deep as she possibly can.

You are able to find this hardcore anal sex video that I edited on her adult video channels Louise Lee OnlyFans | Louise Lee ManyVids | Louise Lee Sheer

The whole communication process between Louise and I was all carried over DM’s on Twitter, and it was a pleasure to work with this fabulous British blonde bombshell.

You can see many more videos of Louise Lee at FAKEhub – Check out her outstanding performances in Fake Driving School as well as Public Agent!

Miss Lee has also made her mark on the world of Brazzers.  She has performed in 3 Brazzers video as of 1st February 2023.

Editing my First Double Penetration Porn Video

I’m going back to January 5th, 2020 to recall the first double penetration video that I had the pleasure of editing.  It starred British pornstar Alice Judge.  She gets her ass and pussy fucked at the same time.

Editing Alice Judge

I could not resist giving this a title that is a pun on Alice in Wonderland.  Calling it Alice in DP Wonderland was an opportunity that I could not resist.

The busty British babe is picked up by the temporary Fake Taxi driver after arranging to meet a big black cock.  During the taxi ride, she sucks that BBC and nearly bits it off as the taxi goes over a big bump in the road.

It is very important to retain these funny clips even if the performers break character slightly.  The potential of a clip going viral is gold dust!

Alice Judge looks fabulous in this video.  Her body is in tip-top condition and her tits are incredible.  For my first double penetration edit, I could not wish for a better trio.  All three of these British porn performers were total pro’s.

This scene was shot using a total of 3 cameras.  The footage needed to be synchronised using Premiere Pro.  I enjoy multi-cam editing as I get to pick and choose which angles to use during the edit.

There was a lot of face blurring to do in this Fake Taxi threesome.  I needed to blur both male performers faces.  The gaussian blur effect in Premiere Pro makes the blurring process straight forward, but it is still a little time consuming.

At the time of writing this blog post, the tube version that I also edited has over 2.4 million views just on PornHub alone.

Check out a further 5 Fake Taxi porn videos starring Alice Judge available on the FakeHub web site.

Female Fake Taxi He Tries to Fuck her Harder

Female Fake Taxi He Tries to Fuck her Harder

Any scene which include the gorgeous Lady Gang is a real joy.  She has a fantastic body and puts her heart and soul into very performance.  In this video called He Tries to Fuck her Harder she is reunited with a guy who failed to satisfy her sexual needs in a previous scene.

This time, George Brown was determined not to let her down.  He manages to get his cock nice and hard and make sure that Lady Gang gets the orgasm that she was craving for.

When I edited this video I had to do a little blurring on Lady Gangs belt bucket.  It was showing a very large ‘G’ logo that had to be hidden.  It was a job for the Gaussian blur tool in Premiere Pro Creative Cloud.

Porn Editing Crush Candy Alexa

Editing porn every day is a dream job.  There is no other way to describe it.  Working from home, working with world famous brands such as Fake Taxi and getting to see some of the worlds sexiest women having sex on camera all amounts to the best job in the world.

Candy Alexa

When it comes to sexy women, every now and then a pornstar appears who takes my breath away and breaks my concentration.  One such pornstar is the amazing Candy Alexa.  She first appeared on my editing screen in a Public Agent porn video back in December 2012.  Miss Alexa immediately grabbed my attention with her outstanding cleavage.  There have not been many pornstars who make me forget that I am supposed to be editing rather than admiring.

In this Public Agent video which I titled Stranded Babe Takes A Ride Home On Stranger’s Dick, Candy gets stripped down to her underwear.  I remember that I could not take my eyes off her wonderful natural boobs.

Some might say that this sounds unprofessional of me, but I am a red blooded male and I am not ashamed to say that every now and then I can be distracted by a pornstars personality, charm and performance.

I often see Candy Alexa on Twitter and she is looking just as goos as she did back in 2012.  I would really like to be given the opportunity to edit another video starring this Hungarian sexy superstar.

Fake Taxi Snatch Hatch is such a Joy to Edit

When it comes to editing Fake Taxi porn videos, one of my favourite sequences to edit is the snatch hatch.  When the female porn performer puts her head through the perspex glass divider between the driver and the passenger side of the taxi, it makes for some classic porn footage.


This classic porn shot can be made even more interesting when the pornstar is able to hang her tits over the divider and make them bounce.  Admittedly this is only really an option when the female pornstar has a big pair of boobs.  But if she doesn’t then the next best thing is to pull some great orgasm faces or just go wild with it.

There have been some great facial expressions made through the snatch hatch over the years.  They also make great thumbnails that make for great click-though ratio’s on the tube sites too.  I believe that it is thumbnails like these that really make a video stand out from the crowded porn tube pages.

Here are just a few of my favourite snatch hatch stills that I have pulled from Fake taxi video over the last 7-8 years as a porn video editor.

Horny Deepthroating Italian Babe
Alyson Thor
French Escort Gives a Freebie
 Adriana Rys
Asia Vargas
Asia Vargas
Wild Nicol
Wild Nicol
Eden Ivy
Eden Ivy
Olivia Sparkle
Olivia Sparkle
Myss Alessandra
Myss Alessandra
Tina Princess
Tina Princess
Capri Lmonde
Capri Lmonde
Isabella De Laa
Isabella De Laa
Elisa Tiger
Elisa Tiger
Mina Moreno
Mina Moreno
Caty Kiss
Caty Kiss

The Pleasure of Editing a Porn Video Starring Tru Kait

Ever since her debut on Brazzers, I have been a fan of Tru Kait.  On May 12th 2020, Miss Kait made her first appearance in a Brazzers Network video and I was immediately impressed with her on screen presence, fantastic body and her stunningly pretty face.

Editing a Tru Kait Porn Video

Fast forward to May 2022 and I get a call from the production director of FAKEHub to ask me to stop whatever I am doing and jump on a new Public Agent video starring the above mentioned Tru Kait.  I had to confirm that he meant THE Tru Kait.  Was there another adult performer going by the same name?

I was reassured that it was indeed the stunning American brunette pornstar who had traveled to Prague to shoot porn in Europe.  I immediately logged into the content management system and downloaded the footage.

Being able to edit a porn video starring Tru Kait was a true pleasure.  Working for FAKEhub and editing Fake Taxi, Public Agent, Female Fake Taxi videos, I am usually treated to editing scene featuring up and coming new European adult performers.  So to edit a video starring a well-known and popular pornstar was a little different from my normal day to day porn editing.

Bang Me, Bang Me Harder, is now live on the FAKEhub web site.  You cannot miss the trailer, it’s got a large thumbnail of Tru Kait’s big ass with BANG ME written on it.  There is a really great sequence that I will not forget editing where Tru Kait rides a big cock in the reverse cowgirl position and making her ass bounce up and down like a basketball.

Thank you FAKEhub for giving me this opportunity to edit one of my favourite American brunette pornstars.  It is definitely very near the top of my all time favourite edits.